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StockPair: Ensuring Binary Options Trading Security

Accurate and secure binary options trading with world-class service through StockPair

The multiplication of brokers as a result of the unprecedented success of binary options trading has advantages that far outnumber the disadvantages that come with it. The increasingly competitive binary options market has driven the majority of brokers in the trade into striving to find ways to provide their clients with the best possible offer in every area of the trade. This applies especially to services and rates — which, in effect, has granted traders access to the best deals on the table.

But while the highly competitive binary options market does present all these benefits, it also serves as factor that makes choosing the right broker a little more challenging than it normally should. Potential investors are often blinded by offers that promise high payout percentages and irresistible bonuses, which, in turn, often causes them to neglect a part that's just as equally important in ensuring a successful binary options trade — security.

StockPair is one of the very few renowned brokers that is committed to making security one of its highest priority. While majority of the brokers in the BO market, despite listing ‘security’ as one of the key points of their services, show little emphasis on this respect — StockPair, on the other hand, has made it its mission to ensure that the traders’ transactions and information are secure.

Trading Platform

One of the key aspects to consider in ensuring trading security in binary options is the actual platform to be used in the trade. Different brokers usually offer similar platforms, and more often than not, such platforms were developed and created by the same developers. In view of this, a significant number of brokers — however diverse the rates that they offer — give traders the same level of security in trading, despite claims by others that this isn't so. StockPair, on the other hand, has taken things one step further — not only to ensure the security of its users by installing added security features, but also to guarantee the simplicity of its operations through a user-friendly interface.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Unlike many of its competitors, however, StockPair requires a little more than what brokers normally would when it comes to initial deposits. Traders may make initial investments in amounts of $500, €500, or £500 — and the currency that they choose to make their initial deposit with will be the same currency that they will be using every time they choose to perform transactions within the account: be it a trade, a withdrawal, or others. Minimum withdrawals, on the other hand, can be as low as 20 — which can either be $20, €20, or £20, depending on the currency that the investor chose to trade in.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are considered one of the most important features that must be considered in a trader’s search for potential brokers — as it is the very arena where the traders get to experience the feel of an actual put or call option without the potential risk of losses. Most binary options brokers provide traders with reliable demo accounts, where both the novice and experienced traders alike get to hone their trading skills without the actual involvement of risks of any sort. StockPair, and on the other hand, has chosen to stop providing clients with this feature for unknown reasons.

Nevertheless, the company still offers features that far outweigh those being offered by others — and users may, in fact, register on StockPair’s website for free without having to commit to any prior agreement involving deposits and payments. Traders are only required to make monetary investments once they are decided to start trading — and not without being fully informed of the risks that they will be taking. Traders who wish to trade on StockPair but hope to take advantage of the benefits of a demo account may try registering with other brokers that offer a demo feature, and then proceed to trade with StockPair whenever they're ready to begin with the actual trade.


StockPair allows traders the convenience of trading wherever they want, whenever they want. Clients can trade in any device they wish to use — be it a mobile or a desktop — through multiple options. While the company primarily encourages users to trade through their website, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, the company does have applications available for download on different platforms. These include apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Majority of the brokers in the trade equip clients with trading platforms such as different versions of MetaTrader — and while transactions through such applications are considered generally secure, StockPair has decided to take things a step further by ensuring that its clients can take advantage of being able to trade from any device anywhere anytime via its website, while at the same time still be able to enjoy guaranteed security for their transactions.  The company has made this possible by incorporating on its site a Thawte certificate, which provides up to 256-bit SSL encryption, a method which supposedly provides the highest security available for e-commerce transactions.

Reviewed by BinaryOptions+ on 2017-12-13 and rated 5/5.

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