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BDSwiss: Prioritizing customer service

BDSwiss concentrates on the best way they can help customers — through a dedicated customer service

While the proliferation of binary options brokers in the market today has the tendency to make things significantly harder for traders in terms of finding the right broker — especially when constrained by a limited amount of time — it also gives them but a few important advantages. The sudden influx of options dealers in the trade has dramatically transformed the quality of service being rendered by majority of the binary options brokers of today, with each continuously trying to outdo the other in the now-highly competitive binary options market.

Out of the countless brokers that strive to gain the clients’ much sought-after attention — and consequently, their trust — BDSwiss is among the leading names that emerge in the extremely competitive binary options trade. The company, which prides itself as one of the leading financial institutions in Europe, specializes in binary options trading and Forex/CFDs.

Trading Platform

Amid all the confusing claims and supposed features of the many platforms that are being offered by brokers in the binary options market, the importance of having an efficient trading platform couldn't be emphasized enough. BDSwiss is among the companies that understand the gravity of this importance fully well, and this is well reflected in the way the company takes the matter very seriously.  It is for this very reason that BDSwiss has decided to take extra measures to ensure that traders are not only provided trading platforms that are user-friendly — but also to ensure that these platforms will have all the tools necessary to help the traders significantly increase their chances of trading “in-the money”.

These tools include features that provide traders with up to the minute news and information — news and information which can potentially affect the price prediction of the assets that the traders hope to trade on. This way, traders are given all the last-minute vital information they need to know, which are likely to have a profound effect on the success of their options trade.

The company also aims to provide a safe trading arena for its clients, which it hopes to realize through a highly secure trading platform that's guaranteed to give traders the security needed from possible outside threats not only whenever they're placing their bets — but also whenever they opt to use the platform itself.

Deposits and Withdrawals

While BDSwiss requires a relatively huge amount from traders for their initial deposits — which are normally set at €100, roughly equating to about $116 in US dollars — the company also provides the traders a relatively high percentage of payouts at 85 percent. It is emphasized by the company, however, that Contract for Difference or CFD trades require no minimum deposits. Clients trading under CFD can invest as little as they want, or deposit as much as they wish. There is no minimum or maximum amount being imposed on withdrawals from BDSwiss either, which means traders can withdraw as little as they wish, or as much as they want. It is important to note, however, that transactions below €100 will be charged €25.

Demo Accounts

In binary options, the trading platforms are the very playing field where the trade itself is happening. It is where traders either end up being “in-the-money”, or “out-of-the-money”. Demo accounts, on the other hand, provide the arena for traders to practice trading in this very playing field, but without the inherent risks involved in the actual trading — like monetary loss. This feature is considered just as important as the trading platform itself, as it's the very place where traders get to have the feel of the actual trade. It is also where the traders — both the novice and the experts alike — learn the ropes of the trade by learning from their mistakes, and knowing how to avoid such mistakes, preventing the occurrence of the same mistakes in the actual trade altogether.

This is another key feature that BDSwiss provides its traders, along with the Strategy Center — a feature created by industry experts themselves which aims to provide BDSwiss traders the strategies and techniques designed to significantly increase their chances at placing successful trades by decreasing the avoidable risks associated with the trade.

Customer service, on the other hand, is also another of the company's strong suits. BDSwiss prides itself in providing traders the best possible quality of customer service, making sure at all times that high-quality service is given the highest priority in the company.


BDSwiss provides traders with numerous application options that they can choose from — ranging from MetaTrader 4 for Web, MetaTrader 4 for Windows, MetaTrader 4 for Mac, and MetaTrader 4 for iOS and Android devices, to Binary for Web, Binary for Android devices, as well as Binary for iOS devices.

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