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White-Label Platforms: Pros and Cons

The white-label MetaTrader platform from MetaQuotes Software Corporation is the most commonly adopted platform by software companies that design and cater to the trading platform needs of binary options brokers.

Because most brokers in the trade lack the resources to actually design and develop a trading platform of their own, many of them have resorted to availing or purchasing pre-designed and pre-configured platforms such as the widely used white-label platforms.

These mostly standardized mediums basically allow traders access to typically uniform features across many different broker platforms. The problem with this practice, however, is that it leaves little to no room for brokers to customize the platforms in ways where they could be optimized according to their clients’ needs. Also if the demo/training account functionality is offered from the source platform, the same might be activated in the WL solution too.

As a consequence, traders are left to deal with whatever features that come with the platforms that their brokers are able to provide them with.

Most Common White-Label Platforms

There are currently three major white-label platform software providers in the binary options market today. These are Tech Financials, Tradologic, and SpotOption.

Tech Financials

An Orca+ - based trading technology, this platform can be integrated with the MetaTrader 4 and has a web-based front end. Tech Financials also comes in iOS and Android versions for mobile devices. While this platform does not allow traders to customize their bets’ expiry periods, it, in fact, allows 4 types of trading options:

  • The standard High and Low options (also conventionally known as the Call and Put options). This option has two varieties: the standard one where the market price is used as the strike price; and the option called ‘Above/Below’ where traders are given the choice to select a custom strike price.
  • The Boundary trade option which also comes in two varieties: one called the ‘In/Out’ trade, and the other the ‘ High Yield Boundary’ trade
  • The Touch trade option, which also has two varieties: High Yield Touch option, and the Touch/No-Touch option.
  • The 60-second High-Low options


Its BINARIX trading platform can be integrated into the MetaTrader 4, and its key feature is called ChartPlus, where traders can trade directly from charts. This platform does not allow traders to customize the expiry dates of their options, either. Tradologic comes in iOS and Android versions for mobile, and includes the following features:

  • The standard ‘Call and Put’ option
  • The 60-second ‘Call and Put’ option
  • The ‘Touch and No-Touch’ trade option
  • The Range option
  • The ‘One-Touch’ option, which is a high yield option that has a payout ratio of up to 200%


Currently the most commonly used white-label trading platform, SpotOption is completely web-based and is compatible with MetaTrader 4, where it can be integrated via a plugin. SpotOption also comes in iOS and Android versions, and it allows traders to choose from over 200 assets. Its features include:

  • The standard ‘Call and Put’ option
  • The ‘Variable options’ feature, which is essentially a standard Call and Put option that allows traders to shorten or extend their option’s expiry time
  • The ‘High yield’ touch option
  • The OptionBuilder, also a standard Call and Put option where the expiry time can be determined by the trader himself
  • The’ Paired’ Option, which is essentially a feature that lets traders bet on the performance of one asset against another.

Proprietary Platforms

Proprietary platforms are those designed and developed exclusively for certain brokers. These platforms typically offer more features than those which are generically pre-designed and pre-developed. Among the brokers that offer proprietary platforms are:

Developed by Regent Markets Ltd,’s trading platform allows traders to choose from option maturities ranging from as short as 10 seconds, to as long as 365 days. The platform also offers payouts in increments as low as $1, to as high as $100,000, as well as the option to determine the strike price.


StockPair is well-known for its Pair Options Trading feature, which allows traders to bet on the performance of one asset against the other given a specific expiry time. It also has the Fixed Pair option, which allows traders to bet on the performance of stock pairs from the time the option was purchased, until the time of its expiry; as well as the Floating Pair option, where traders get to select a predefined period of time.