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Comparing Binary Options Platforms

Among the many important things that would-be binary options traders need to consider before engaging in the trade is knowing whether or not the trading platform that's being offered by their chosen broker is something that they can actually work on.

While most trading platforms being used in this type of financial option were built and designed in such a way where they are generally easy for traders to understand and use, there are also some factors that make several platforms a little bit more advantageous over all the others.

Many of those being used in binary options are, in a way, identical, but there are only a few that contain extra features that somehow make all the difference — especially for those who are new to the trade. Some of these features include:


There are some binary options platforms that contain additional attributes not included in many others — such as features that allow traders to receive returns even if their option expired “out-of-the-money”. Needless to say, the return is not half as big as the returns are for trades that actually expired “in-the-money”, but traders are still given as much as 15 percent of their losses.

News Feed Tools

Trading in binary options require investors to be constantly in the loop, which entails knowing all the latest news in the market that may or may not have a profound effect on the prices of the assets that the traders are trading in. This is why platforms with built in news feed tools not only adds to the traders’ convenience, it also serves as an important advantage. News feed being shown on the tool about possible last minute movements or changes in the market, for example, can save traders from potential losses.

Asset Selection

A good platform would include a good variety of assets that traders can select from — including commodities, indices, foreign currency pairs, and stocks, among others. This feature is considered important as traders may sometimes find themselves unsatisfied with the asset of their choosing, and may, at one point or another, opt to switch to a different asset as a result.


Another factor to consider in choosing binary options platforms is whether or not it comes with 24/7 customer support, just in case problems come up with the platform. Problems often arise unexpectedly, and it would be best to know whether or not help is there when it is most needed.


While most platforms were built alike, it's imperative that traders check whether or not the brokers handling the platform that they choose to use actually have a good reputation when it comes to handling client information. This is to ensure that sensitive datas are well-protected, and that trading using the platform is considered secure.