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Choosing a Reliable Binary Options Broker

Possessing the technical and analytical skills needed to trade successfully in the binary options industry — even when coupled with a little bit of luck — is not always enough to make a successful trader.

More often than not, achieving a significant level of success in the trade entails the involvement of a highly committed binary options broker, which has a considerably significant role in ensuring smooth and efficient trading operations, especially for traders who are new in the field.

Most, if not all of the time, binary options brokers are the traders’ go-to whenever they happen to be in need of assistance. The services that brokers have to offer typically vary from one to the other. Given the proliferation of such services being offered in the industry these days, however, most brokers have begun catering to almost every need of every binary options trader.

From the early stages of learning the ropes of the trade, to the time that the traders make their initial deposits and, consequently, the first time they make their first bets — binary options brokers often provide whatever is needed by the traders every step of the way.

But in order for traders to actually find the best broker that there is out there for them, there are a few things that first need to be considered:

Asset Selection

Because binary options trading ranges far and wide, traders are better off doing business with brokers who offer a wide variety of assets to trade on. Investors new to the trade may at times find themselves unsatisfied with the tradable asset of their selection, and switching to a different type may at some point be needed. A good binary options broker must at least offer a wide variety of commodities, indices, stocks, and foreign currency pairs for the traders to choose from.


Although bonuses in binary options trading don't really mean anything other than simply what they are — merely bonuses— most binary options brokers often offer deals that are highly beneficial to the traders. Most of these deals are in the form of signup bonuses, where traders are offered up to 100 percent of the total of their initial deposits if they decide to sign up with the brokers.

But while such offers may at first seem attractive, it's imperative that new traders take caution in entering such deals with brokers as there are those that require traders to place exceedingly large numbers of trades in exchange for the bonuses.

For this reason, among many others, traders are strongly advised to always closely study the terms of the contract before entering into agreement with their binary options brokers.

Important: CySEC declares bonuses unfair and unnecessarily

Expiry Options

While most brokers allow traders to trade in hourly, daily, and weekly expiry periods, it's highly recommended that binary options traders, both old and new alike, sign up with those that allow trading in expiry periods as short as 30 seconds. This is because the shorter the expiry period is for the trade, the higher the number of trades can be done during the day/week.

Payout Percentage

Perhaps one of the most important aspects for a new trader to consider when signing up with a broker is the percentage of payouts for every successful trade. Traders are encouraged to choose brokers who offer at least 75 percent returns for each successful trade, and are strongly discouraged to entertain anything below the said margin.

Payment Options

Just as important as how much a trader will be paid is the method of how he's going to get paid. It's therefore highly recommended that traders consider the payment options that brokers have to offer — and make sure that the service supports payments not only through bank and credit card transactions, but also through e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Regulation and Licensing

The most important factor for would-be binary options traders to consider when it comes to choosing a broker is whether or not the broker is, in fact, licensed to operate in its host country. Without a license, there would be no authority to govern or watch over the broker, which could well be a scammer.

Signing up with legitimate, licensed brokers — while it does not guarantee successful trading or profits — makes sure that the traders’ investments are in good hands and actually well taken care of.